JordanA Journey to an Ancient Civilisation

From a young age, my father taught me about a hidden city called Petra, I remember his description of this mysterious city carved out of stone, really captivating me. It had always been one of those places I dreamt about visiting.  I finally had an opportunity to spend a week in Jordan for my birthday and I was ready to immerse myself fully in what this wonderful country had to offer.

Our six day 700 mile round trip adventure of Jordan included a visit to the capital of Amman, the Lost City of Petra, a night under the stars in Wadi Rum Desert (aka Planet Mars), the seaside town of Aqaba and the majestic Dead sea.

There’s something special about visiting a place that you can still feel the authenticity of the culture and I was in complete awe of my surroundings. The Bedouin people are incredibly proud of their heritage and are so warm and welcoming. They tell fascinating stories of the history of their people and country. For example, at dinner one night, our waiter had shared that he was born in a cave in Petra and spent the first seven years of his life there.

In a nutshell Jordan is magnetic, it’s breathtaking, and it has an unparalleled beauty that makes you crave for more.

(All Images shot with a Nikon D750 / 24mm f1.4 / 58mm f1.4)




Wadi Rum

Madaba / Dead Sea