Sev & Eran

Wow…Now this was a party..!

Sev a drama teacher is a very expressive woman who shows love so naturally without fear. Eran is the perfect compliment to Sev and vice versa as these 2  beautiful people truly know how to express themselves like no one is watching.  I absolutely love this family, they make me feel like I’m family and make it always a joy to shoot them.

It was an emotional day as the sad loss of Sevs father played an even more important roll in ensuring that it was an even more special occasion as he was no doubt with us throughout this wonderful party.

Here are some snips… and we’ve not even touched the surface with this blog x

Venue: Northbrook Park Band: Ritim Catering: Grand Palace Cake: Carmen Tarry  Video: TVP Flowers: Emily Mathison from Mcqueens Chair Covers: Milana Events

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