A Loving SymphonyRegency Banqueting Suite - London

Music.. These two and there loving family and friends are blessed with something we all yarn for.. something that will never leave them or their children.. Music.. Artists Elizabeth & Simon did not lower expectations as I was expecting this wedding to have a musical influence.. but i did not expect it as soon as landed at Simons house with his crazy but warm brothers.. I loved this wedding, the warmth and freedom on and off the stage was just phenomenal. I can say now, that I witnessed both Bride & Groom sing at their wedding. I even saw Vas from VGM give his video camera to the bride whilst he rocked the dance floor (image below), now thats how good this wedding was. Here are the snippets and some from our wonderful after shoot.

Venue: Regency London  Decor: Cupid Creative  Video: VGM Band: Midas Touch (Old & New)  Hair & Make up: Artistry by Sophia  Additional Musicians & Artists: Rialas, Pan Panayiotou, Vickey Pete Downing, Alexis Demetriou, Michael Christoudia, Michalis Kouloumas  Car:  AT Beauford

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