Danielle & George – Luton Hoo


We were recommended  to shoot this amazing, opulent wedding by Lev @ GOOD LOOK VENUES who sourced the venue and recommended suppliers not to mention managed the event through the evening with his team. We were accompanied by the Lovely and friendly Demi from Confetti events before we set off to the Magnificent Luton Hoo. The Sun was Shining as so was Danielle on this beautiful day.  From Home, to Church, to Venue, Countless Singers, Photobooth, Candy Carts, Magicians, Dancing (Raving @ 1am), Laughs and Tears… This wedding truly exceeded my expectations.
VENUE: LUTON HOO – LUTON Organiser: Lev @ GOOD LOOK VENUES  Day Planner: Demi Confetti Events   DATE: MAY  2014 CATERING: Complete Wedding Services VIDEO: TVP  Decor: Milano Events

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